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Pool Cages & Enclosures

If swimming without dirt, leaves, and Texas sized insects is important to you, there's no better way to accomplish this than with a custom built swimming pool screen cage by Lone Star Patio Austin.

Why enclose your pool?

There are many reasons to build a screen enclosure around your swimming pool. Screened walls, doors and roof panels keep out insects, birds and debris. If you live in Texas and swim at night you know all too well about swooping bats that love to dive on the water for bugs. No more!

An enclosure around your pool area reduces pool cleaning, saving you time and money and a cleaner pool requires less chlorine making swimming all the more enjoyable.

If you worry about the Sun's UV Rays and the damage it can cause to your health, ask us about using advanced solar filtering screens. Block the ultra-violet rays that produce bright sunlight glare, heat and damage to furnishings as well as increase your health with all the benefits sunlight has to offer.


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